Banish Your Double Chin with Kybella

The science of cosmetic enhancement has come a long way in just ten years. Botox began the wrinkles-be-gone movement, but now a host of other dermal fillers have come along to offer addition benefits and age-defying promises. One of science’s newest developments is Kybella, the most recent proof that technology has more to offer to those looking seeking cosmetic enhancement.

This revolutionary product specifically targets double-chins, known as “submental fullness.” Kybella is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the skin while also contouring the chin area for a smoother, younger appearance.

Formation of the Double Chin

kybellaYour chin is composed of a layer of fat intended to pad the area for protection, but age causes that fat to sag and wrinkle. Eventually the fat gathers enough to create what looks like a second chin layer. It’s an appearance that many people are eager to eliminate.

Heredity can trigger too much water retention or extra fat storage, while other people find themselves with a double chin because of weakened chin muscles that end up forcing the skin to sag downward into a “double chin”.

Age is also a factor, as the skin loses elasticity with age and begins to surrender to the force of gravity.

How Can Kybella Help You?

Many adults don’t realize that a non-surgical option now exists to treat excess fat and skin under the chin. Since diet and exercise often don’t impact the chin area, technology is the most effective means to target double chin fat and lift and contour the skin.

Not only will Kybella reduce the amount of fat under your chin, but it will also provide your chin area with more defined shape. Kybella achieves these results with the use of deoxycholic acid, which exists naturally in the body and works to break down fats so they can be absorbed into the intestine. After a Kybella injection, the cells cannot store or accumulate fat, so your double chin will begin to recede. Unlike some other procedures, Kybella leaves the other cells healthy and completely in-tact.

What’s the Kybella Process?

As a non-surgical treatment like Tampa Juvederm injections, it’s virtually painless and very convenient. If you choose to use Kybella to target your double chin, you’ll ultimately receive six treatments within six months’ time. The most significant improvement in appearance usually becomes visible sometime after the second or third procedure.  Since the fat cells under the chin are permanently eliminated, the results are meant to last forever!

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